Sunday, September 28, 2008


Time for some cat pix?

It was bath time at my house this afternoon. But it always seems that Libby is the bath-giver and Toby the bath-accepter.

He tucks his chin and presents the top of his head to her... but it's almost never reciprocal. Do you think it's an older/younger thing or a female/male thing?

If she stops too early for him, he'll give a couple of desultory swipes of his tongue across her face to get her started again, but he's never held her down and washed her, like she does him.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Don't you just hate it...

When your day starts this way? Flat as a pancake, it was.

And as my boss said when I called her, this was NOT a good day for this to happen. Looks like I picked up a bolt somewhere. I'm just glad it went flat at home in my garage, instead of on the road in traffic.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Quilts and Tomatoes

Finally, two-thirds done with the jewel box quilt. Here it is hanging on the fence. I had to work at the library today (Sunday) so didn't get home to take a picture of it until right at sunset:

And I was just recently asked about my tomatoes. Still producing away, and in fact, doing better now than they were during the hot part of the summer. This is the Goliath plant. I won't buy Goliath next year. The tomatoes are nice and big and pretty, but they just don't have that good homegrown flavor that the better boy and cherry tomatoes do. Even the birds don't like the Goliath as much.

Not sure if the CD ornaments you see there have done anything to deter the birds at all, but once I took the scissors to them and cut one side to fit it on the tomato cage, I might as well leave them on there, hmm?

Here's the Better Boy plant, the tomatoes grow all lopsided, split on the top, but mmm, when I can beat the birds to them, the taste is superb. With the quilt on the fence as background, you don't see the tomatoes quite as well, so I added the red arrows, pointing at the tomatoes. :)

The Cherry tomato bush is still producing too, I'm not getting the numbers I did earlier, but 4 or 5 ripe ones a week is still great for snacking or a salad.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Jewel Box Continued

Yes, I am still quilting - just working on this same jewel box quilt means all my photos would look the same if I posted about it. A king size seems to go on and on and on and on. Here's some of tonight's blocks and rows, which look like yesterday's blocks and rows:

Yes, I am getting tired of making little 16 patch blocks. :)

And here's my tip for keeping a quilt all straight in your head as to what block goes where, if you're doing a big quilt with a lot of different blocks. I found magnet clips (supposed to attach to the fridge, I guess) that also stick to my sewing lamp. I made a screen shot of the quilt top from eq6... but pasted it in word and enlarged it till I could only see half of the quilt. Now I move that white card up or down, depending on what row I'm working on, and voila, no more getting lost as to if I'm making a block with 2 blue squares or 4 or 8.

I'm making it scrappy. That's what's taking me so long, it's a very anal scrappy where no fabric is repeated in the blocks immediately to the right, below, left or above the one I'm making... lol. Pitiful, aren't I?

Finally, here's the September block of the month for the quilt guild. We did this one as a part of a presentation on EQ6 for the guild's program - showed all the members how you could design a block, color it with different fabrics, print it in different sizes, or as templates or paper piecing patterns... I was surprised at how many said they have the program but never design a quilt with it.

The web BOM page for it is HERE with instructions AND along with a free EQ6 file for the block for anyone that wants it. Your reward for reading to the bottom of this post. :)
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