Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Third Idea

Here's a third setting idea from my friend Ann (link to her blog on the sidebar - go look at her grandkids... lol)

Ann's a quilter too, and she suggested alternating the dark and light blocks.

Whichever design I end up using, I'd always been planning on adding a couple of borders to take the quilt out to twin sized, I have some deep green and blue calico that should be enough for borders - so I went on and put blocks in that outer border of the two below, then added two more solid borders on. Now which of the three do you like better?

Quilting and Tomatoes

Bet you'd thought I'd forgotten my blog, didn't you? But I've been quilting and tending my tomatoes and working - I'm just more hooked on the facebook games, Farmtown and Vampire Wars, than blogging... lol.

I'm taking another quilting class Saturday, this one is from Pat Speth, and is all about using 5 inch squares. We have lots of homework to do before the class, getting all of our nickel squares cut!

But I'm not choosing one of her layouts... typical troublemaker that I am, I'll be using one of these two... either dark IN or dark OUT. Which do you like better?

I know they're not my 'typical' colors or quilts you'll see on my blog, but I really needed to get all these older calicoes out of my stash. I'm not buying a thing for this class - by using the thin strips of calico for a scrappy sashing, and using scrappy variety in the blocks, I've got more than enough calico and small print fabric to complete this. :) I'm glad to finally be using it up - it's funny how my fabric tastes have changed, I'm much more into batiks and tone-on-tone prints now than sweet little calicoes and tiny florals.

And finally, here's an October 22 tomato update for you:

We haven't had a really hard freeze yet here in Memphis, so yes, things are still this green. The Early Girl bush is producing nicely, and as you can see, I'm still rolling in cherry tomatoes, too.

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