Friday, March 19, 2010

Border Cats

Here's what I've decided to do for my border.

I tried another quilter's idea of making a border using strips of the cat fabric similar to a piano key border, but with the tops pointed like the cat tails are done in the center of the quilt. But too many tails were indistinguishable from a picket fence border, and, at least in EQ, your eye didn't pick up the visual cue that made you think... oh, those are tails!

I tried coloring it so there was a background fabric, and every other tail was a different calico. This time it looked like my inner pinwheel and cat blocks were enclosed in a cage.

Then I tried putting one cat on the border, and having his tail curl up to be the first strip in the picket fence, but that didn't work either. I gave up on the picket fence - tail repeat idea, and just put a kitty in each corner, then added the yarn balls to partially fill the empty space. I may try to do some small bit of machine applique to make a 'tail' of yarn looping from the ball on the two longer sides of the border. We'll see!

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Pinwheels and Cats again

Well, like I thought in the last post, I took all the blocks down and totally rearranged them. I decided that I wanted a 5 x 7 layout after all. That makes it fit a bed better, or cover your feet better if it's a throw.

Then I needed to make some more blocks - but (like the Grinch) I had a wonderful, awful idea - How about one BIG mama cat, to go with the five little ones? That way I wouldn't have to make as many pinwheels. I also picked the very darkest skinny green sashing, 1½ inches. So here's what I ended up with, this is all sewn together:

I've got to put the sashing around the top, and right and left sides still. Then decide if I want to make a pieced border, THEN a calico border, or just a couple of calico borders.

Because the pinwheels finished at the odd size of 9¼ (9¾ before sewing them together) the quilt's not as big as it looks, hanging in my doorframe there. When I get the rest of the skinny sashing on, it'll be 52 x 73ish, so to get it to twin size I'd have to add borders of about eight inches all around to make it 68 x 90. That's awfully big, isn't it? Any thoughts for a simple pieced border instead of a wide plain one? I have plenty of calico left... lol
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