Friday, September 29, 2006

Starry Night Design and Onions

I'm so excited. :)

I don't know how many of you have EQ5, the quilt design software, but they have a listserve sponsored by planetpatchwork that I subscribe to. EQ announces challenges and contests and discusses tips for using the program. ANYway, to make a long story shorter, they had a contest to design a quilt for the back of the box for the new version of Electric Quilt that will be coming out in a few months, EQ6.

I missed the deadline for the contest, even though I'd considered sending something in - but then a few days ago, Penny (who works for Electric Quilt) e-mailed me and asked if I'd give permission for one of the quilt designs I'd sent in for an earlier challenge to be used on the new software box. Of COURSE I said yes. Here it is .... :)

I don't do much applique, so this is a design I'd probably never make in fabric. The theme of the challenge I designed it for was Stars. When I first saw the theme, it made me start singing Don McLean's song Starry, Starry Night. I went to go look up Van Gogh's painting on the internet, and tried to do a version of it using the EQ5 software. Anyway, that's MY exciting news for the week. :D

Other information you could use - I was talking meatloaf recipes with a friend, and she said she put slices from the center of an onion on the bottom of her meatloaf pan, then dices the two ends of the onion up fine, mixes it with the meat, eggs, etc. Then I was talking on msn with Ann-Sewsalot and SHE thought it might be even better if the onion slices were in the center of the meatloaf. Well, Ann's a pretty good cook, so I thought, why not? I put about half of my meat-mix in the bottom of my loaf pan, arranged three onion slices on top of that, down the middle, then put the rest of the meat on top.

Patted it all smooth, put it in the oven to bake at 350° ... can anyone guess what happened and why it'd be better to have put the onion slices on the bottom?

I think I'll be devious and make you all guess before I tell you. :)


joyce said...

Congratulations! I don't have EQ but I will look at the cover when I next see it in the store.
I think maybe the onion would still be raw if it were in the middle of the meatloaf. Maybe not enough heat there?

ForestJane said...

Nope, I baked it for an hour, everything was well done. I usually use one roll of mild sausage, one roll of hamburger, mixed with the other usual meatloaf ingredients, so I'm always careful to cook it long enough.

Jeanne said...

Maybe it separated into two layers instead of "fusing" together?

Patti said...

Don't have a clue about the meatloaf - but congratulations on the EQ box quilt! I will be eagerly waiting to see it when I order the upgrade. What a coup for you!

Cathi said...

That is a great design...congratulations about the software box, that is so exciting!

I'm thinking you had two thin meatloafs with an onion divider??


Anonymous said...

A. Love the EQ - That is one of my favorite songs!

B. arent the onions on the bottom supposed to help with the grease & with getting a loaf out of the pan instead of crumbs?

C. I have the BEST meatloaf recipe...

Amy's Meatloaf
2 lb Ground Beef
1 6oz package stuffing mix, any flavor
1 cup water
2 eggs, beaten
Apx. 1/4 to 1/2 cup BBQ sauce (any flavor) - I use about 1/3 a bottle of Kraft Original Flavor

Mix all ingredients. Place in a baking pan (I use a 9x13 pan or a cookie sheet) and form into a oval "loaf" shape. Bake at 375˚ for about an hour, until center is no longer pink.

You can substitute pizza sauce, ketchup, whatever for the BBQ sauce, but I think BBQ sauce works best.

Could not be easier!

Tonya R said...

Congrats on the box pic!!! That is a gorgeous design, no wonder they want to use it.

Gail said...

Congratulations on the EQ box! What terrific news.

Darcie said...

What an honor for you! Thanks for sharing the great news with us!!!

Pretty onion. The lines in creates remind me of my "topography quilting."

Your meatloaves (?) are probably still pretty tastey, aren't they? I love leftover meatloaf...on toast with mayo, cheese, and tomato...yum.

Bonnie said...

How exciting to get your quilt design on the EQ6 box! Congratulations.

Regarding the meatloaf, I agree with Jeanne - it would not "fuse", but would break into two distinct meatloaves.

Dawn said...

OK what!!!! But ooooh that sounds so good to put them under the meatloaf. I was thinking good to put them in the middle but obviously something happened! :)

Congrats on the EQ6 box!

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Congrats on your quilt making the box!!! How exciting! And - it really is a beautiful quilt.

I have EQ5, but I know I am just barely scrapping the top of the surface with the little bit of diddling around I do with it.

OK, waiting to hear about the meatloaf...



Passionate Quilter said...

I'm joining the crowd of it seperated? Also, congrats on the EQ6 cover! The design is awesome, no wonder they want to use it.

Shelina said...

Your quilt design is absolutely beautiful, definitely deserving to be on the box.

Helen said...

Hi Forest Jane

I'm Helen from New Zealand. Congratulations on your design being chosen for the new EQ6 box. I don't have EQ5 but I am planning to buy EQ6 when it comes out. I will look forward to seeing your design! ( and learning how to use it!)

Lily said...

Oh that is so exciting - and what a gorgeous design. I've seen the van Gogh - it's just stunning.

I bet the meatloaf stuck to the bottom of the pan and you only got the top half and the onions out!!

Linda_J said...

Wow, what a quilt, Jane!! Congrats on the honor.

Dianne said...

Beautiful quilt design, Jane. Congrats! I've been using EQ5 for a couple of years and love it, but haven't been adventurous enough to try such a free-form design. Yours is absolutely wonderful.

So, what happened to the meatloaf?

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