Monday, February 05, 2007

A Package!


I got a Paaaackaaage! I got a paaackage!

Tazzie sent me over $700 in the mail!

My library is going to do a set of special children's programs, on different countries, and I volunteered to get on the Australia group. So I got to e-mailing Tazzie for some ideas, and she sent me an Australian newspaper, plus a bunch of other stuff! Now before you get all excited and start wondering why she'd send me $700 cash, most of it was Australian play money... :) There's also some cute little Australian flag picks, and enough nickels so that each family that comes to the event can have their own Australian nickel.

Thanks, Tazzie!

And if you look UNDER the things she sent, you can see some kaleidoscope and my first few blue depression blocks, that's what I'm working on quilty-wise.


Tazzie said...

Hey, you're welcome hon, anytime! It sure did get there fast, that's almost exactly one week!
I wonder what your $700.00 would convert to with the exchange rate ... do you think the bank could be fooled? *lol*

Gail said...

Isn't this cyber world amazing? Friends you have never met, living on the other side of the world helping you out!Wonderful

Laura said...

Wow, how awesome of Tazzie to do that. Online friends are the best!

Dawn said...

Oh what fun! Just getting packages is fun!

Dawn said...

Forgot to say - stay away from those awful musk life savers they have over there in Aussie land - ehhhh, my friend sent me some and they are awful! But she loves them!

Joanne said...

What a nice thing to do.
And I love your blue depression blocks.

YankeeQuilter said...

I'm sure it will be a great program...they'll like the story of how you got the "money" too!

Clare said...

$700! Don't go spending it all at once LOL. Aren't online friends great.

Susan said...

Looks like a great package of fun for folks who come. Love what I can see of those blue blocks - 66 blues! What a treasure!

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