Sunday, July 20, 2008

Assorted Blocks and Jewel Box

Are you ready? A post without pictures of tomatoes! :D My 3 plants are going great guns, the Goliath has about 18 on it (ping pong to tennis ball sized, but all pretty green yet) the cherry tomato bush has uncountable little ones on it, and the Better Boy has about six, one getting orange.

And what I've been doing quilty lately - First, the top third of the jewel box quilt:

Here's the guild block of the month for July. Instructions on the UCquilts website. I gave everyone that wanted to try it a strip of green fabric for the bottom, then they were to come up with their own flower and stem. This is mine, I traced around a spool for the red posy petals, very simple:

I've been making string blocks for Heartstrings quilts, (link and logo on my sidebar)and I decided to do one using four 7 inch squares of foundation, in 'my' colors. I have a never-ending UFO sampler quilt in brown, green, and cream... and every time I think about it, I'll make another block for it:

Our guild past-president gets blocks from everyone in the guild, as a thanks for being the prez. They choose their own block design and colors - here's her cat block in pink and cream. I liked this one so much, I did one for me in brown, with an extra little triangle of fabric at the tail. I think I'll give my cat a strip of forest green fabric to sit on, and more cream around the edges, till I get it 12½ square - and add it to my sampler block box.

Last, here's Toby, giving his best innocent eyed look. He has a real gift for sitting on the blocks I'm trying to photograph. I'd just chased him off again, but he was obviously not scared enough to run far.

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Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Gosh, you have a lot of variety in your on-going projects! I like the extra triangle on the cats tail - good idea.


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