Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Website Updates

Well, haven't been doing too much quilting lately, mostly been watching the Olympics and working on web pages.

But I have made one block, here's the EQ design for my guild's block of the month. They could choose any shade of yellow, and any blue to make the six inch churn dash, then applique a red, pink, burgundy or maroon heart (or two) on it:

And the block I've made, but haven't appliqued the heart on yet, mostly because I dislike hand sewing. I think I'll do one heart with that pink fabric on the bottom of the picture:

If you want directions to it, it's on the bom page of my guild's website:

Churn Dash Heart

I've also been working on my own website, updating the contents page. Check it out if you like cats telling jokes. My favorite is the Matta Baby joke:

ForestJane's site

And I decided to try to collect all the pictures of my quilts and put them on my personal website, one or two pictures per quilt, to make a record of what I've done, quiltwise. It's a bit more complicated than it sounds, because I may have started a quilt in early 2005, and spent most of that year on it, sent it off to be quilted in November, then got it back and bound and finished it in Feb. of 2006... so does it belong on the 2005 page or the 2006 page? Right now the page is both years.

Quilt Record

I'll be working on this for many nights yet to come, I think.


Andrew Clarke said...

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Ali Honey said...

Keeping records of quilts like this is a really good idea. it gives you a back up if anything ever happens to the photos stored on your own computer.
I don't think it matters if you put the start or finish dates for a quilt, or both - just be consistent in the way you do it.
Your Quilt Record is great.... the cat comments give it a personal touch too.
Cheers Ali.

Shasta said...

Thanks for the reminder - I keep a list of my quilts on a spreadsheet, with start and finish dates, and progress on the ones that aren't finished. I hadn't updated it lately. Your log is wonderful - it's great that the story of the quilt goes with the quilt.

Susan said...

Make it easy on yourself. Either uniformly use the starting date or uniformly use the finishing date. =)

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