Friday, February 06, 2009

Heart Twist

This is what I've been working on lately - remember the little 4 block sample I showed for the Superbowl Twist a couple of posts back? I've done Bonnie's Strip Twist in 1½ strips for the middle, then her Delectable Mountains in 1½ strips will be for the next pieced border, and I'm partway thru sewing a bunch of nine-patches from 1½ strips for the outer pieced border.

I have the top and bottom row of mountains completed, but just finished with the machine applique of the hearts last night.

Here's the EQ version of what I am planning the whole quilt to look like:

I'd thought I was going to do the quilt in faded denim blues and whites with blue, but it was calling for an applique in the middle. First I pulled out my reds, and almost went with a bandanna print, but the red looked too bright against the blue. When I opened the pink drawer, thinking maybe some medium pinks wouldn't look as stark as the red, this mauve seemed to slither right into my hands.

Then I had to go back to EQ and add pink borders and some dots of pink in the nine patches. Unfortunately, I've already sewn lots of nine patch strips as leader-enders while I was doing the strip twists and mountains, so I've got a little unsewing to do, do add some pink in here and there.

Anyone want to unsew for me? :D


Teri said...

I love how you added your own touch to this quilt. The DM border makes it stunning (IMO)

Ali Honey said...

That's looking lovely I especially like the delectable mountains border. The hearts give it a real lift. I think you are going to be very pleased with this quilt.

Your jeans bag is a work of art - hilarious.
Strange cause I'm using the part of the jeans you have cut off! ( it usually is more worn I realise )

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