Sunday, July 19, 2009

Another Quilt Finished!

A couple of months ago, my guild had a UFO challenge - and it provided the impetus for me to finish the blue/purple pinwheels quilt you saw a few posts down, and this one, also, that I'm finally getting pix of up on my blog.

Fans of Bonnie Hunter will recognize it as her Carolina Crossroads mystery, with sashing. I've had this one as a completed top, tucked away with it's backing, for a long time, awaiting quilting. I didn't add a border. As you can see with it hanging on a fence, it's 72 inches square (six feet). That's a good size for a card table cover - a 4 foot square table with 2 feet of tablecloth drop on all sides. I suspect I'll use it mostly at the library, under displays of Christmas books.

Most importantly for me, as you'll see on the closeup picture below, it really allowed me to make a dent in all the Christmas fabrics I have somehow collected.

Mary S., in Missouri, did the all-over stipple for me, and did a great job, too. ;) I knew it didn't need anything intricate, as busy as the top was. And yes, those nine patches are made with 1½ strips, to finish at three inches. Even the backing is Christmas fabric.


Tazzie said...

It looks just wonderful Jane, if only seeing your quilt finished will give me the impetus to get back to mine.

Mama Koch said...

I like your Christmas version. Mine was red and blue ..mine turned into a monster quilt because I added several borders. Bonnie always does great stuff, doesn't she?!

Lavada said...

Thanks for sharing your blogspot with me. I really am a novice when it comes to quilting. I love putting the tops together. I currently have four waiting to be quilted. I've inherited some Christmas fabric from other people. A little of this and a little of that. This gives me some ideas on what to do with it.

julieQ said...

It is so pretty! I love the pattern, especially in your Christmassy colors. Mine is red, white and blue.

Leslie said...

Congrats on the finish. That looks like a *ton* of sewing!

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