Sunday, September 20, 2009

Garden Update for September

Yup, I've still got a garden. ;) During the hottest part of August production really slowed down, but now, at last count, this cherry tomato plant has over 50 little green tomatoes:

And here's my better boy plant, it's got about twelve tomatoes, and so does my early girl plant.

If they don't ripen before the first frost, then I'll be bringing in the containers and finishing out the season inside. Last year, I had tomatoes until after Thanksgiving.

Here's my harvest for this week. We've had so much rain here in Memphis, that I went on and picked the two greenish tomatoes you see in the back - once they start to turn pinkish, they split when it rains, I think. Just being proactive. :)

The banana peppers have been superb - my favorite recipe is to take them, hollow out the seeds and pith, then stuff them with a half a stick of string cheese. Wrap them with a piece of bacon, and bake... mmm.


Sheila said...

That banana pepper recipe sounds awesome!

julieQ said...

HOw nice! Your are still getting to much produce from your garden. Pretty little jewels on your plant.

julieQ said...

Hey...I tried to reply to you and I got "no reply". Hmmm, this is happening too much, to several of us blogging gals!

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