Thursday, November 26, 2009

November Update

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Here's what I've been working on the last week. Mom mentioned 4 days ago that she wished she had an autumn themed runner for her table for the upcoming holiday. So I've gotten it pieced, but not backed and quilted yet. Here's the design I drew in EQ:

And the actual thing in fabric looks pretty much like my initial design:

Notice on the bottom right corner between the leaf square and the maroon square that I ran out of bobbin thread on the LAST seam - I lacked about an inch or two. Isn't that always the way it goes?

And here's what I learned how to do on our quilt guild's retreat - Happy Villages. We cut stairstep chunks of fabric, lightly glued them down, added doors, windows, and roofs, then covered the whole thing with a layer of tulle and quilted it.

I've still got to bind this one. I'm thinking blue binding to match the sky/ocean around the top and blue sides, then where the edges turn beige for buildings, I'll switch to tan binding and go around the bottom and tan sides.

It was great fun to make, and now I'm thinking of making holiday themed ones... wouldn't it be neat to make one for Easter, say, and buy some fabric with little eggs on it... then hide them all over the village? A Christmas one with candycanes and gingerbread? A Halloween house in shades of black and gray, with spooky things looking out the windows and pumpkins everywhere?

I also made a design wall... and I must say I love using one more than I thought. It's one of those dressmaker's accordian fold boards, with a cheap vinyl/flannel tablecloth carpet-taped to it... then those inexpensive metal expanding curtain rods are clipped to the top and bottom to hold it out straight.


Nessa said...

They are all so pretty.

Name That Christmas Song

Shasta said...

Your Happy village quilt is so pretty. I've been meaning to make one for quite some time..

julieQ said...

I love your village!! Especially the stairs, and the rooftops...those details give your quilt such depth. Your table runner is so nice, I do not have one for autumn...I need to get busy! I am still working on the row by row, and thank you so much for sharing the link for your quilt guild.

Monica said...

your village is very nice, especially the stairs. The background fabric is perfect!
I also did a village a couple of months ago

dianedoodles said...

Jane, The village is wonderful!
Sounds like a fun class.

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