Sunday, February 21, 2010

Block of the Month for 2010

Been working on several things, but I'm such a bad blogger! Here's the block of the month I'm doing for my guild, for 2010:

Start Page

It's going to be stars, this year, a different star for each month. People can choose between 6 inch or 12 inch stars, and do whatever theme they want. I've put several suggestions/hints for theme ideas on that Start Page, some suggesting they make their own design for a medallion center, and one at the end for just a sampler quilt. It's pretty neat, seeing all the different colors being used to make the blocks.

Here's an Ohio Star, for January:

And the Strip Star, for February:

And a preview of the block I'll have up in March, the Rising Star:

My web page for the Rising star isn't up on the website yet, I usually put them up around the first of each month. ;)

Personally, I'm going to do six inch stars in a pastel scrappy theme, for Spring. I'll arrange these around a white medallion center, tall and skinny like the Easter one on the Start Page link. I think I'll put a tulip or daffodil in the middle instead of the bunny shown there.

And here's one of each in brown and green and cream, of each star - in the 12 inch size:

The Ohio Star (sorry the view is wonky here - the block is straight, I promise!)

The Strip Star - I paper pieced this one too.

And the Rising Star. I paper pieced the inner and middle star, but not the outer star points.

I'm going to give people the option of using a solid 3½ square instead of the teeny little star in the middle there, I know a lot of folks don't like paper piecing fiddly bits. :)

These will be added to my kingsize 'Neverending Sampler' that I've been working on for *blushes* about 25 years. As I've gotten better at quilting, I look back at some of the early blocks and think... ewww! I can't use that!

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