Tuesday, June 26, 2012

End of June update

Picking lots of tomatoes (I ate the cherry tomatoes hot off the vine, before they even made it in the house with these larger ones) plus green beans and banana peppers. Not counting the cherry tomatoes, I'm eating at least one tomato per day. Do you think a 'mater per day will keep the doctor away?


The tops of my taters had died back, so I dug down to see what I had . . . BIG crop of eighteen Yukon Gold potatoes. That doesn't sound too bad of a crop for six tater plants, until you realize that I ate six of them with my green beans last night, they're little:


I spent last weekend at a quilting retreat. Yes, we all take our sewing machines and fabric and cutters and rulers out to a lodge in the woods and do nothing but sew, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I took piles and piles of blue and yellow batik fabric all pre-cut into wedges and triangles and completed this top. It's a pattern from Bonnie Hunter's website, www.quiltville.com called Starstruck. This will be a kingsize quilt, for my bed:

I've also done a scrappy queensize version, where each star is a different color on beige and khakis. I used more triangles around the edges of this one, to echo the hourglass or 'butterfly' shapes in the middle of the quilt.


Kim said...

I bet it will keep the Dr. away, a tomato has more vitamin C than an orange!

Congrats on being a published author Jane! Nicely done!

Happy Sewing, gardening, writing

Jan said...

I love both of the quilts.

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