Sunday, June 08, 2008

Tomatoes, yet Again

Believe it or not, yes I HAVE had a request for a tomato update... :D Here's the Goliath tomatoes, there's 5 big ones growing on this bush. You can see three in this picture (4 if you click on it and look carefully.) They don't appear to be anywhere near ripening yet, maybe they're going to be huge tomatoes:

And here's the cherry tomato bush. Last time I counted there were about 45 tomatoes on here. Easier to count than you'd expect, mostly they're growing in clusters of 5 or 6. I've picked 5 of these so far, and eaten three of them, yum. The only thing I don't like is they all have the thicker skin you find on most home grown tomatoes.

Can you spot the one orange one there? I hope I'm not inundated with tomatoes when these ripen, they all look about the same size to me... lol. Maybe I ought to search for one of those cherry tomato/pasta recipes, you think?

My third tomato plant, the Better Boy, only has two tomatoes on it, but then, it was a couple of weeks younger than the other two when I bought it, and in a smaller pot, too.


Ali Honey said...

Congratulations on the Tomatoes, they look really healthy and delicious. If you find the skins a bit thick on the little ones you may be able to find ( for next time ) some seed ( or plants ) for the little yellow pear shaped ones. They are the most sweet yummy babies I have ever grown.And produce 100s!

YankeeQuilter said...

This brings back memories of my parent's kitchen with tomatoes on the windowsills, piled on the kitchen table, bags on the chairs, and bright jars with tomato sauce lined up on the shelves in the pantry! Enjoy!

bingo~bonnie said...

That must be some fertile soil you have - those tomatoes are huge!

Happy Weekend and Love from Texas! ~bonnie

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