Saturday, October 18, 2008

It's a mystery

Two hundred fifty half square triangles, and 150 or so plain cream squares... what's it going to be?

I have NO idea. ;)

Along with teaching the Fowl Play class on making all my chickens and birds, I'm taking a mystery at our retreat. The mystery coordinator is a secret too. She's told us (via an alias on our guild bulletin board) how much fabric to buy, and how to select our colors, then told us how many strips to cut and hsts to make. I can't WAIT to find out the final design.

Everyone else is doing it with squares that finish at two inches, but as you can tell from the picture, my squares are smaller, and will finish at one inch. I've decided there's just as much work in making a miniature as a big quilt! My house is tiny, and a 40x40 quilt (before borders) is kinda big for my walls, while a 20x20 quilt, with a couple of small borders on it, should fit right in. ;)

I still need to iron them (uggh) then repack them in baggies to protect them from the evening rampages of my two siamese.

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