Thursday, October 23, 2008

Still Tomatoes!

Is it time for another tomato post? I've been eating them all summer - for a while there in late July and August I think it just got too hot for them, but now they're back, with a vengeance. Sorry about the flash on these pix, it's sure getting dark earlier now!

Here's the Better Boy plant, showing one almost ripe and one in the lower left still green:

The better boy are great tasting, but prone to splitting and spots. Here's the Goliath plant, a great tomato producer, but the end results just don't taste as good as the other two varieties. I have maybe ten tomatoes on it now:

The best producer of all,and one I'd definitely buy again, the Husky Cherry Red plant. It's a short bush, and usually loaded with small tomatoes:

This cherry tomato may be the one I take inside and try to nurture indoors after the first freeze, the flavor is excellent, and lookie, it's still producing blooms:

1 comment:

julieQ said...

Pretty tomatoes! Mine have found a second life in the cooler fall time.

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