Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Presents and Totebag Story

Well, I took my two new totebags to the grocery yesterday, and asked the checker if they still gave discounts if you use your own bags. "Yes, Ma'am!" she replied, counted my totes, and punched in my discount. Then she put them on the conveyor belt to send to the bagger... who promptly folded them neatly into thirds and put them in a plastic bag for me. :D

In his defense, he said they looked new and he thought I was getting them as a gift for someone... lol They worked very well, though, and were especially nice for carrying the cans of soup and other heavy things.

I've also been making some Christmas gifts, totally from stash. First, a little crayon apron - I have pencils in the pockets now, but the slots will fit 16 crayons when fully loaded:

I'd been wondering what I could make with this big flower print FQ since I got it as part of a FQ exchange - and the apron worked great, one FQ made both front and lining. Add the crayons and a coloring book, and it's a perfect gift for a six year old girl.

And some little notebook covers, one from a bluejean leg, one in heavy cotton. The denim one has a fringed skinny pocket next to the seam for a pen (I'll put a pretty gel pen there for giving) and the black with stars one has three ribbon loops to thread a pencil through to 'lock' the memo book closed:

Here they are open - they were very quick to do, just zig zagged the raw edges, and the cover slot is made from a 1½ inch strip of the same fabric, no lining. For the locking pen on the black one, sew one loop of ribbon to the front of the book, and two loops to the back of the book, so when it's closed, you go thru the back top loop, the front loop, then the bottom back loop.

And last, but not least, If you haven't been following Lindsay's adventure of actually MAKING a block every day from her block-a-day calendar, now's the time to watch as the end draws near. 365 days worth of completely different blocks... go offer some encouragement as she completes one year's worth:

SCHNOODLE'S Block-a-Day Epic!


sammyjo said...

Hehe, bless the bagger! Cute apron!

floribunda said...

I've started carrying a bunch of totebags around in the car. The smaller market s are pretty hip, but when I take them into Safeway, the baggers tend to look at me with that deer-in-the-headlights look. So sad!

paula, the quilter said...

I like the looped closure on the one notebook. I make a cover for my day planner and have found that by the end of the year, the velcro closure has lost it stick-to-it-ness. I made a loop on the spine for the pencil I carry with it, but moving it to be a part of the closure is a brilliant idea! Thanks.

Susan said...

I actually did laugh out loud when I read your bag story. =) Love the notebooks. Thanks for the link. I'll go over and congratulate her. That's quite a feat to complete!

Quilts And Pieces said...

Oh the apron and notebooks are too cute. I never thought of having the pencil loop through like that to hold it shut! But your story about your tote bags at the grocery cracked me up!

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