Monday, December 22, 2008

More Gift-Making

Anyone else being a busy little Santa's helper? Here's three pillows for someone who said they wanted 'just a couple of plain pillows.' Do you know how hard it was for a quilter to make PLAIN pillows? But I can agree with her, they're to go with a scrappy, busy quilt, remember this one?

I had a few brick sized scraps left from the border of the quilt, so in addition to the two 16 inch square pillows she requested, she's getting a bonus 12 inch square pillow, the little not-plain one in the front. :D

And here's some gifts for co-workers:

More notebook covers and a hotpad. I actually made several more of these, but they all look the same. It's all completely from stash, and I chained my way through the log cabin style blocks for the hotpads, then stitched around the edge (including the batting) and turned them inside out to avoid having to bind them. That ethnic Santa fabric was hard to find, but it's a really pretty glittery fabric. The candycane pens add a nice touch, I think.

Then some glasses cases for family. Betcha can't guess which one of the three is for my older brother!

I'm using fleece or flannel for the inside lining of them, I tried quilting weight fabric, and the glue from the Timtex made it feel scratchy. I'm learning some heirloom sewing techniques too - can you see on the right, below, my first try at pintucks? And on the front, above, an embroidered rose. It reminds me of the little rose I used to have on the middle of my bras, back in high school. :D

And just for those who didn't notice... did you see that the camouflage fabric isn't quite... the usual camo? If you look close, you see that the shapes are silhouettes of nekkid ladies:

I'm sure my brother will appreciate it!



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Naval Langa

Joyce said...

When I sew something for others they always ask anxiously if it will be easy, not knowing that easy is sooo boring. I'm with you, sewing a plain cover would be torture for a quilter. Notebook covers are cute and the pens are perfect.

sammyjo said...

All the gifts look great, you've been really busy!

Helen in the UK said...

Isn't that camo fabric fun - very saucy :)

julieQ said...

What fun things you have made for Christmas. I did not see the design until it was pointed out to me...I think your brother will like it!! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Pumpkin Patch Quilter said...

Oh my, those aren't very plain pillows at all! :) They are just beautiful. :)

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