Friday, May 07, 2010

Little Green Tomatoes

Everything is coming up little green tomatoes! Here's five of the seven that're on my cherry tomato bush. I may not even have to stake this one, it's staying low and compact:

This is the Early Girl plant, they're looking nice too:

Only a couple on the big boy plant so far. Here's the biggest:

The grape tomato bush is my top producer. Twelve tomatoes that I can count, (although some of them are teeny-tiny) and bunches and bunches of blooms:

And here's my biggest tomato, slightly larger than a golf ball size, on the Better Boy plant. It has another couple of marble sized ones.

Meanwhile, my squash hasn't got any blooms yet, just buds, but the foliage is sure getting big and healthy looking:

I've taken the wire off the peony bush, and moved it to the back again. I also shifted the snowpeas to the end so I could sink the legs of the wire frame into the dirt, then I started using some scraps of fabric and selvedges to tie up the vines.

The peppers have blooms too, both plants - but they're growing very slowly, compared to the tomatoes.

How does YOUR garden grow?

1 comment:

Debra Dixon said...

Very cool !!

We don't have any tomatoes on our Early Girls. They are way tiny compared to yours. We have 15 altogether now and one that Wayne keeps threatening to harvest and fried up. NOOOOOOOO!

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