Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I've been braid making tonight! I think I'm about half done with the lengths I'll need.

This is the kind of project I'd never have done without the Accuquilt. Cutting all those right and left tilting wedges by hand? eww. But the cutter makes it so fast to cut hundreds of them. And sewing them together goes fast and accurate too, since all the little dogear corners are already cut off for you.

I can't show you the quilt these are going to border yet, we have to keep it a secret until the day before Quiltmaker magazine subscriptions are supposed to come out. But I'll have a dark navy skinny border between this and the quilt center, then more dark final border on the outside. So even though this looks like a really scrappy hodgepodge of fabrics, surrounding it with navy will tame it down some. And even though you see some fabrics directly across from each other in the pic, they won't be on the final quilt. I'm planning to have the top braid pointing right, the side braid pointing south, the bottom braid pointing left, and the other side braid pointing up. Does that make sense?


sammyjo said...

love the braids, i've accually never seen one before, its making me think about starting another quilt.

Dionne said...

I love your braids. I've never done a braid before, one day I'll try it!

Mary said...

I've got the chisel die but haven't used it yet. A braid is on my to do list.

Kim said...

Who knew that that accuquilt cutting system was going to be so amazing in so many ways!
this looking great.....look forward to seeing the whole project soon.

Happy Sewing,

怪哉 said...

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