Saturday, February 26, 2011

How to Quilt it?

I finished reading my book for the evening (a Sharon Sala young adult offering was what I was copyediting,and very good it was too, I didn't want the story to end.) Then I decided to do some quilting.

So I pulled out my block of the month wallhanging that I did with the twelve stars from 2011. Added a one inch border to the edges, with four little pastel corner squares. Cut me some white for backing, a square of bamboo/cotton batting, and got it all sandwiched and pinned together. Then I froze:

How on earth should I quilt the thing? It's only 26 inches square, so I'll do it myself on my domestic machine instead of sending it out; but I'm petrified to set needle to cloth! I could put the walking foot on and quilt in the ditch easy enough, but somehow I don't think this one is calling for straight lines. Help! What's easy enough that a beginning machine quilter could tackle it without messing it up? Suggestions?


Sara said...

Yes, quilt in the ditch around your stars and the leaves and flowers in the middle. This will stabilize everything and also give you time to be thinking and feeling what should be added in the open spaces. Somebody said, "stitch-in-the-ditch is like putting on your underwear". In other words, a good place to start, but not the place to finish!

[My word verification is "salsa", let it inspire you.]

怪哉 said...

It's only 26 inches square, so I'll do it myself on my domestic device rather than sending it out; but I'm petrified to established needle to cloth!
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