Monday, March 07, 2011

Meeting Bonnie Hunter in Jackson, TN

I had the great honor of joining the Jackson TN Peace by Piece quilt guild as they hosted Bonnie Hunter. Her lecture and trunk show was fantabulous! Even though I'd already heard of the Scrap User's system, it was a treat to see Bonnie in person as she worked the crowd. She had them rapt—actively listening, laughing, nodding to her words, and responding to her questions.

That quilt on the wall behind her is such a clever idea. It shows the sizes of light and dark strips and squares she cuts most of her scraps into, and UNDER the different sized strips, she made some sample blocks from those units. It's a great visual aid to her trunk show and lecture!

I think the picture above is the 'quilt holder' pose ... Bonnie's both sweet and funny in person. :)

Even though I only had met one person in the class before (Patty, on the left) everyone at the Jackson guild was very friendly and hospitable. I appreciate their letting me join them!

Here's the eight pineapple blossom blocks I finished, spread out on the bed in my hotel room. I'm making 24 twelve-inch blocks, then I'll decide if I want to make more, and what I want to do with the border. And yes, I did more than eight total, but these were completely finished ... the rest are in different stages of being done.


Fran said...

Spring colors on this one! Very neat.

Dionne said...

Your pineapple blocks are beautiful! I absolutely love the colors. I wouldn't have thought of those colors at all and I adore them. I'm very jealous but, I'm glad you had fun!

Debra Dixon said...

The pineapple blocks are great. Looks like you used a wedge maybe from the Accuquilt cutter?

I have a fairly scoped out system for what I cut out of scraps too. makes things much easier.

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