Monday, March 26, 2007

Busy, busy busy

I haven't posted in so long, but here goes with the news from my life:

Had a Family Activity Night at my library, featuring Australia, and with Tazzie's kind help, everyone got an authentic Australian nickel and teeny flag to take home. We also made koala bear puppets, played bingo, heard stories about marsupials, tasted Marmite, etc. Great fun!

Also went to a Sit and Sew last weekend, with my guild, and got a lot done, sewed the last row of blocks on a string heart design quilt, and gave all three of the tops for Heartstrings to guild members who'll quilt them. And I still have about 16 red-centered string blocks and 2 blue-centered string blocks to combine with the blocks I'll get at tomorrow night's guild meeting.

I got the backing finished for my pink and brown quilt. That one's been sitting at my longarm quilter's in Missouri since our guild retreat last November. This was a quilt I didn't have a particular person in mind to gift it to, so there's been no rush to finish it. I'm ashamed to admit that it didn't take me long at all to get the backing sewn - considering the amount of time I've procrastinated on it!

I meant to quickly put together another back for this floral quilt, remember this one? I bordered it in the deep purple you see down the middle:

I had one long strip of pieced chunks, and 6 leftover blocks I wanted to use on the back, plus some assorted biggish hunks of fabric left over from the front - but somehow, the other folks at the Sit and Sew talked me into using the baggie of strips I had left to make some 'new fabric'for the backing. I spent the rest of the afternoon making the inside of the star shape:

That's the floral top draped off to the lower right there. I've never spent that much time making a backing for a quilt, and... well, don't know if I will again. I did get all the scraps used, but I think a string quilt would have been a better use for them, even if I did have to buy some 'whole' fabric for the backing.

Let's see, what else have I done besides sew? I had a root canal on Thursday... ow, ow, ow... *whines* and it hurt worse afterward than before I went to the dentist. But in all fairness, it's fine now... :) I'll have to get the root filled up then fitted for a crown next. And I detest going to the dentist, too.

When I got home from the dentist, both my neighbor and I had citations from the health department on our doors. Apparently, a woodpile stacked on the concrete of my carport (a very small woodpile less than a yard long and just over a foot high) was in violation. Our woodpiles have to be 18 inches above the ground, for rodent control. Never mind that neither of us has ever seen any rodents - apparently the HD was getting everyone. It wasn't worth it for me to go buy blocks, or figure out some other way to elevate the wood, so since I was off work Friday, I just went outside and pitched all but 7 of the best logs in the trash bin. Those 7 I moved in my little storage room.

They also cited us both for 'junk and appliances.' Here's the list of what I had out in my carport: one blue ice chest, upside down to drain, with lid; two concrete blocks, three clay flowerpots; a green garden hose; the one gallon plastic gas container for the weed whacker; a shovel; one windchime that had fallen from my porch; and about 8 cedar boards, all about 6 inches by 2 feet. Oh, and a rudolph lawn ornament, leaning against the back wall. Definitely no appliances. Isn't this pretty much normal carport stuff? Oh, well, it's all cleaned up now. Everything but the gas can is moved in my storage room, and I CAN'T put that in there, I have a gas water heater, and don't want to mix the two flammables.

My neighbors had rather more than that, but as far as I'm concerned, what they have in their backyard is their own business, especially since it's behind a fence. Any of you ever had health dept. visits like this? Geesh. So THAT'S why I haven't been posting here!


joyce said...

Now I know one of the many reasons that we live in the country. No Health Department visits out here, luckily, or we'd probably be out on our ears!

Sharon said...

Gee, I've never heard of the Health Dept. coming out to houses. . but both growing up & where I live now were on the suburban rather than urban side of town. And the only time in my area that I have heard of any kind of citations being written were if neighbors complained about someone not cutting their grass (when it was knee high) or if there were unused cars parked all "catty womp us" on areas not paved.

Are you in a "community" type situation? Doesn't sound like someplace that I would want to move to.

I hope there were no fines involved in the citations.

Have a great day. . . BTW, I really think you should use your "back" for another front. . .it's too cool looking to use as a back! Sorry, just my 2 cents.


Mary said...

Wow, you have been busy. I haven't been cited by the Health Department but we used to get picky little notices from different homeowner's associations that always used to tick me off!

Sandra said...

That's a back??!! I love it - almost too good for a back :-) Pooh bah to the HD. Good job we don't have them here :-)

YankeeQuilter said...

The HD must have needed to fill a reports quota to justify their existance! In our last house there was one guy on the homeowner association board who loved to write nasty little notes about really silly things (like having one of the house numbers lopsided!)

Dawn said...

Wow - you have been busy! Probably not the way you want to be though! I hate the dentist and root canals too so I feel for you there.

I love your pieced back! It looks wonderful! It was worth the work!

Clare said...

Oh gosh. DH would have a fit if anyone asked him to move his precious logs! Thank goodness for France and no Health Depts, as such. I agree with Sharon. That back ought to be a front. It's gorgeous.

Linda_J said...

Someone sounds like they are a little full of themselves at the HD. I suppose they make rules for a reason but what you described sounds so minor. Like, who died and made them king????

I love the quilt blocks on point---what an interesting twist and the colors are wonderful!!

Cynthia said...

wow you have been busy.

Yes i remember you showing your floral quilt a while back. You have put so much work into the backing for the quilt. A nice way to use up bits and pieces.

Susan said...

How cool. You have a reversible quilt!

I can not tell you how many teeth I have had capped in the last 30 years! Almost all of them, and most with root canals. =)

Your carport sounded good to me, not a mess of anything! I haven't had anything, but I know that in Deming, when we were parked there a couple of months, some people in the post office were talking about how the city was citing people for all kinds of things. There was speculation that they were trying to get some of the older people to sell out their places.

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