Sunday, December 16, 2007

More 9 Patch Blocks and a Mug

Here's another 80 of these little 3½ inch square 9 patch blocks for step 3 of the Quiltville Mystery quilt - she says we're done with the 9 patches now... :) Although I don't really mind, aren't they cute? I really admire quilts that have a lot of little pieces, and doing a hundred baby blocks every week is a painless way to do it.

They'll look better when they're pressed, but I'll wait for instructions on whether to press those last two seams to the inside or outside.
I've also taken an idea I saw on Tazzie's blog for a nice little Christmas gift. Do you recognize the little 1½ inch squares of Christmas fabric from anywhere?

Mine won't be as beautifully packaged as Tazzie's are, but I did borrow her idea about putting a square of cardboard under the mug mat before I put the mug on top and wrapped them both in cellophane. I also got one of those big containers of loose hot chocolate, put three heaping tablespoonfuls in a baggie, added some mini marshmallows and tied the little bag of 'gourmet mix' on the outside of the gift. The purple candy in the mug is coffee flavored, if they want to add one to the hot chocolate, that might be interesting... :)

Another idea is to take a plastic spoon, melt some chocolate, and dip the spoon several times, letting it cool between dips, so you have kind of a chocolate lollypop spoon to stir your hot chocolate with. You wrap that in plastic, tie some curly ribbon around the 'throat' of the spoon, and stand it chocolate side up in the mug you're giving. It'd be a pain to just make one though - be better if you were giving several of these as gifts.


Sweet P said...

I like your Christmas coasters and the mug with chocolate kisses.

Everyone looks like they are having fun with Bonnie's mystery. I wish I could be doing it as well but I need to keep packing for our move.

Tazzie said...

Hey there Jane hon, great going with Bonnie's mystery - you're right up to date! I'm loving your mug mat, it's so much fun seeing them pop up around the place.

joyce said...

It must be fun to be on your gift list! Lol.

Jeanne said...

Your nine patches look terrific! Now to wait for the next step. Good idea making the mug mat, too.

Helen in the UK said...

Congrats on your mystery progress. The mug mat/hot chocolate combo is a great idea - sounds yummy :)

Steel Scraps said...


The mug rug set is an awesome idea, I am thinking my daughter and I could whip a few up for some of my daughter's friends.

You have gotten farther along in your mystery quilt than I have. I like your 9 patches and hope mine look as good. (We have the same colors)

I just finished cutting some strips yesterday but am not sure when I will be able to start sewing.

Pat in NY

Shelina said...

Your 9 patces look great - it is going to be a great quilt.
Your mug mat idea is great.

julieQ said...

Nice job with your 9-patches! Mine are cut, but not sewn. May get to that after Christmas...


Patti said...

I've always loved little 3" finished nine patches. Yours look great! Can't wait to get back to working on this mystery.

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