Monday, December 10, 2007

More Quiltville Mystery blocks

Here's my finished step 2 of the mystery, 100 nine patch blocks with three light corners, four dark sides, and one corner the accent color. I also cut the spacer blocks you see off to the right side, a stack of white and green 3½ inch squares.

And here's my nosy 'helper' trying to see why I spread out all these nice soft stacks of ten blocks... is it a kitty napping-place perhaps? Did I bury any mousies under there?

Decided that I didn't want only white-on-white for the white squares, but scrappier whites, so I went digging in my FQ piles and drawers. I found some fabrics that hadn't made my 'Christmas' collection, but could go nicely in a holiday themed quilt. Then I went out and bought the red and green on white snowflakes, found some precut strips that I picked all the white or cream bits out of, so now I have some snowflakes, some white on white, some snow covered trees with teeny redbirds, white with small gold metallic stars, and last, added in the two Christmas themed FQ's on white I wasn't going to use because I only had two.

Ready for the next step! Wonder what this quilt's going to look like?


Sew Prim Khris said...

These blocks look great. Isn't this mystery quilt fun. Hugs, Khris in Oz

The Calico Cat said...

Love the kitty helper!

Mama Koch said...

I was gonna say that!
(i'll say it anyway!)

I didn't have enough Christmas fabric to do this mystery and was determined to use stash. Amazing all of the different versions of the same pattern.

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

I'm all for using the stash and then buying accent pieces - as needed! I love the added fabrics you purchased to go with what you already had. It looks great!



Caroline in NH said...

The best blog pictures are the ones that include the critters. I almost had one of our dog, Abby (collie mix) "helping" 10 yo DS shovel some snow this afternoon. She moves too fast for my camera, though.

mamaspark said...

There *might* just be mousies in there, sometimes a kitty just needs to check it out and make sure. Sure wouldn't want the mama to get scared by a dumb old mousie, now would we??

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