Tuesday, January 06, 2009


I fell off the fabric no-buy bandwagon, and fell hard. But it IS all three yard lengths, which falls under the borders, backings and binding rule, right? *rationalizing* It's mainly FQ's I don't need any more of.

Phillyfabrics, on eBay, sells Timeless Treasure batiks and other fabric for only $3.33 per yard, in three yard increments. She doesn't charge more than she has to for shipping, either. Not sure what I will do with the cat fabric on the bottom right, but fell in love with it. :) I have lots of browns and blues that will go great with it, plus it looks great with the dark brown that's on top of it.

And here's the two I've unfolded, ready to wash (yes, I wash all my fabric before I use it, even the batiks.) First a pink and purple with dragonflies and bugs, which goes great with the pinks above:

And an orange, yellow, and purple with blue curls, which also looks good with the yellow in the first picture:

And here's one of Toby, so you can get a kitty pix-fix in:

When I lay out my blocks to make photo instructions for the guild website block of the month page, I usually tilt the pressing board, putting the end of it up on my sewing machine. That helps me get a picture that's more evenly framed and not bigger at the top than at the bottom due to depth of field. I'd just finished taking pix for the row quilt bom for this month, and Toby insisted he had to sit there. He CAN'T be comfortable, his fuzzy little butt is about 4 inches higher than his head! :D


doni said...

What a great collection - definitely worth falling off the wagon for! Now Jump back on!!!

warm winter wishes

doni @ Oregon coast

Susan said...

I love your batiks. The cats are cute, and I think I might have a small piece of that in my collection, too. I know you will use all of those!

Love your cat pix. I have seen cats in the weirdest positions, so maybe Toby likes sitting with his butt higher?

I laughed so hard at your story of the file cabinet. Yeah, I love when a non-English speaker writes directions to something. Often, as in this case, I have a feeling that it's more than something lost in translation. =)

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