Friday, January 23, 2009

Row Quilt

Well, instead of block of the month swaps for my guild this year, I've decided to try a doing a row quilt with them instead. Everyone will get to keep their own blocks, and I'll be putting up different blocks and rows each month. They can choose from three widths, 36, 60, or 72, and they can choose their own colors/themes too, Quilt Pink, Quilt of Valor, baby quilt, holiday quilt, or one to fit with their house decor.

First, I played in EQ and drew a few row quilts in different color combos, with blocks I liked. If any of you has any ideas for blocks that work good in a row quilt, I'm still open to suggestions, I'm going to pick each row as I go.

Here's one in Red, White, and Blue:

And then one in baby colors, mostly Pink and Blue:

And one with a black background, for people whose favorite quilt word is 'pop' and who enjoy brights:

I picked a really easy spacer row for the first month, January... to sucker them in, sorta. Simple quarter-square triangles, and they could choose whatever layout they wanted:

Then I chose the basket row for February. I'd appreciate feedback on the web page if you have a chance to go look - that one got a little complicated - do you understand all the steps? Did it get too wordy? Here's my finished baskets:


Jeanne said...

This looks like fun! The directions sound just fine, like you're personally demonstrating and chatting. I may just play along :)
Your link to January is bad -- I had to delete a bunch of extra stuff to get the good one.

Vicki W said...

Those are great designs.

Jeanne said...

Still floating this around in my mind :) Are you thinking of presenting 10 rows?


Linda_J said...

Very nice, Jane! I could see making a quilt just like this---really! Is that okay with you? Link back to you if we post it?

julieQ said...

I too was thinking of making a row quilt! From all one strip bin...the 2.5 inch strips! I love your ideas, just wonderful!

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