Saturday, July 30, 2011

Schlep Bag

I saw the pattern link for this on the quiltville chat yahoo group, and had to try it. And since I had some batik out from the last quilt I was working on, I decided to try it in these three cool colorways of the same line.

The pattern is here, free:

Schlep Bag

I changed it just a little by using 6½ inch squares and I made the strap longer so it'd be a shoulder bag instead of a handbag. I made mine reversible too. Instead of batting in the strap, I used a couple of 1½ strips from some old jeans. That made it thicker and stronger but not puffy like batting would be.

Now I want to make one using ultrasuede, maybe a forest green and brown combo. Add a zipper at the top, and a couple of zippered pockets in the lining. Sort of a grown-up version. :)


PeggyB said...

I like the bag and love the colors. Thanks for posting the pattern link

kwiltnkats said...

ForestJane, do you have the logo for RRCB still? Bonnie removed it along with the pattern from her website/blog and I was using that link for the button. Either I missed it or it's not in folders. I remember you helped with other logos...wondered if you could do so again. I've also emailed Bonnie but she's busy right now with her Mom--lucky her. Thanks Sandi

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