Friday, July 29, 2011

Split cantaloupes

I've found three like this so far. They're not big or ripe enough to pick yet.

I've still got several more on the vine, I hope they don't split too!

And it's been too hot for the tomatoes too, I've read that they won't set fruit unless it's a little cooler at night than it's been. But I'll keep watering them and maybe I'll get another crop after the boiling days of August are over. Here's the one big tomato I have waiting to ripen, kind of bruised from the storm we had when the whole pot fell over:

And there's a few cherry tomatoes and several pear tomatoes on those bushes too.


Anonymous said...

Don't keep watering to much. Just a splash for your Tom's. If you over water, they may split or start to rot onthe vine.:(

Kim said...

Darn I thought for a minute there you discovered how to grow fabric on the vine!

Happy Sewing

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