Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Border Fabric Bought

Well, I couldn't find the exact Hoffman butterfly fabric I wanted, although I really appreciated all the people who helped me look! I decided instead on a medium blue skinny border, then I found a fabric with green, teal, purple and blue stars on black. I'll be sashing the blocks in black, so this will brighten the edge up a bit without standing out too much, I think.

Here's the two fabrics I bought:

I have all my sashing fabric strips cut, half of them sewn, and I'd show you the EQ design of what it's going to look like, but it's a seeeeecret... :)

In other news, I finally bought a new computer, but... I can't hook it up till I switch ISPs. I'm using CompuServe dial up, and they don't support Vista. I can get cable hookup, but it'll cost me $60 per month, internet only. Ouch! And if I don't want dial up, Comcast is my ONLY choice. AT&T and BellSouth have merged, and don't have service available in my neighborhood, Comcast bought Roadrunner/Time Warner... there's just nothing else out there. I wish I could put rabbit ears on my computer like I have on my TV!


Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Those 2 fabrics work so well together - lovely!

And, "Change is progress", as my Nana used to always say - but changes can be hard! I too have a new computer with Vista and have run into more than 1 issue with it... grrr!!!!



Tazzie said...

Ohhh Jane, I love that star fabric, it's so vibrant! Good choice!

joyce said...

I totally love that star fabric. It's gorgeous!
I hope your computer woes get solved. I think they vastly overcharge for computer hookups.

anne bebbington said...

Those mosaic stars are such fun

Rose Marie said...

That star fabric is gorgeous! I have quite the collection of star fabrics and that one sure would look good in my stash.

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