Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Machine Quilting

I've decided that I am NOT going to do any more quilting on this old Kenmore. I'll just fold my tops, tuck them in a drawer, and save save save till I can afford to get a new machine that will do free motion quilting. (And at least half the other stuff on my list of things I need a new sewing machine for.)

With the Kenmore, I can only quilt straightish lines, slow outline... and in the ditch... this would have looked so much better with a stipple, I think. But I'm not going to pick it out, I'll just put a binding on it and learn from my mistakes. Maybe it was meant to be a kitty blanket.

1 comment:

Sandra said...

Don't worry about it being perfect or not - I'm sure it's better than giving it to the cat! LOL. I have decided that I don't like quilting on my Pfaff 7550 (plus my shoulder has started to give me some trouble), so I have moved on to handquilting and I find I like it, A LOT, as I can relax in the evening, or when the baby is asleep and enjoy some quiet, reflective time. Good luck with your saving - I'm sure you will love a new machine, and just think how many tops you can do :-)

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