Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Web pages and 9 patches

Worked on the block of the month web page for my guild this evening, after our meeting. Everyone seemed to like the idea of a nine patch swap, so I hope there's good participation. Here's a sneak preview:

April 2006 BOM

I put some graphics I made in EQ5 on the web page - it works so great for quilty illustrations! Also put four sample quilt layouts on the bottom. On the right's one I left out, because I decided I don't want the page to be too full of graphics and slow loading. Maybe I'll point people to my blog to see more. :)

Tomorrow, I'll sew a sample strip set, for the folks who need instructions on how to mass produce 9 patch pairs. We decided to make the blocks 6 inches. Those should be useful in either borders OR the body of a quilt.


Sandra said...

ooh, I like this one - would look great in real fabrics LOL. I like the wavy stripes too - a very different look to uniform strips. I don't have EQ - but I guess it's heaps cheaper than making real quilts *g*. I won't get it coz I know that I'll spend all day at the computer LOL.

Sandra said...

I think I should look at the picture with my glasses on LOL - I can see now the strips are straight, but wonky cut :-) I like it a lot!

Rosanne said...

Thanks for posting the BOM link...very cool! Your designs are wonderful!

Linda_J said...

I love the bright colors in this! And another idea of what to do with strings.

My quilt group will be having a sew in for two days in late April and we have more or less decided that the block we all do is nine patches--not mandatory but you can do so much with them.

Strings were a few years back an we set them every which way from Sunday!

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