Saturday, April 01, 2006

Kitty blanket accepted AND 9-Patches started

Libby seems to like the new kitty blanket... I think that look on her face is saying she's getting irritated with the flash, though. They've both loved having the window open today, and I've enjoyed turning the heat off!

Toby's accepted the new heart blanket as a new napping place too... and he doesn't mind the camera flashing at all. He's such a little ham. I think Siamese cats should always live in pairs, to keep each other occupied when nobody's home.

And, to make this post even more quilt related, here's a picture of nine patch blocks I've made and added to yesterday's block of the month page. I was trying to write a description of how to mass produce them, for our guild block of the month. It's sort of an 'idiot's guide to making a bunch of nine-patches.' :) If anyone wants to check my instructions for mistakes, it's at

April 2006 BOM


Tropical Screamer said...

What a great blog.

I love your fur babies and your quilts. I'd trade 9-patches blocks with you if I was there. :)

Your guild site is so pretty. Is that your Siamese Cat quilt?

Your directions are fun to read. I loved the part about moving the cat from the warm blocks. It nice to see someone else has so much help.

I'm adding you to my Daily Reads. It's nice to meet you.


Deb H said...

I hear "We Are Siamese if you Please" going through my head now! They are pretty kitties & have good taste in quilts!

Thanks for the hint on dye remover. I actually didn't mind the blue feet, but it could've been embarressing if I'd had to bare my feet for anything like a doctor appointment!

Tonya R said...

gorgeous cats and I love the brightly colored nine-patches.

The Calico Cat said...

How do you photograph the Siamese with out getting red eye! My little Girl (Tonkinese - Siamese points and blue eyes - Burmese face & body shape) always ends up with RED eye!

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