Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Ribbon Star blocks

Well, here's what I've been working on, so slowly. :)

First the yellow star. I think now that I'm done with it, that I should have looked for a more goldy-yellow fabric for the v shaped bits. The flash does wash it out some, but there's still not much contrast there. What's the saying about hindsight?

I also wasn't picky enough on the fabric for the dark pink v shaped bits, the marbled effect on the fabric meant that some of my strips for the v's were too light for what I wanted. I guess I could have fussy cut them, but I really have this thing about wasting fabric.

Finally, here's the red star - I was happier with the contrast between the two shades of red, it was more of the folded ribbon effect I was trying to get, with the lighter on the corners, and the darker in the middle. But I do wonder, if when I get all 9 stars done, if the red is going to appear too vivid, next to the lighter colors.

And here's the EQ design of the wall hanging they'll go in. I'm not sure if I want sashing between the stars or not, I've drawn it both ways and can't decide.

It really HAS been fun picking out all the fabrics for this. If I'd hand dyed them, I could have gotten the exact shades I wanted, but I would have missed the joy of the hunt. :) It'll be the first quilt I've designed and made completely from EQ.

There's three blocks done so far, and I have a lot of strips and bits cut already for the other 6 blocks. Hope they'll go a lot faster! I think my problem is that I am so stingy with the fabric that I don't cut my paper piecing bits as large as I should, so I have to go slow, lining up the triangles I'm sewing and flipping more carefully than I would if I could just bring myself to cut a bigger piece and trim more... lol


Lucy said...

I love your new background! And I saw your flowers.. Lovely!!. So are your colors in this quilt too. they look very sunny to me :c)

Finn said...

Hi ForestJane, the stars you have completed look great. I think you'll be alright with the paler one, it may just appears as more of an echo or ghost than the darker ones. If you still don't like it once all the blocks are laid out, I make another one instead. I've found if I don't like "it" now, I'm not going to like it any better "later".Better to change it than hate it forever.

The EQ pic looks great..congrats on this being your first EQ quilt.

Rosanne said...

Your ribbon stars are very cool! I've only paper pieced a couple of times, and tend to cut my pieces too close...very frustrating when I have to ribbit!

Tonya R said...

Don't decide on whether or not to sash from looking at it in EQ. Look at the blocks. If you have a design wall (or sheet or curtain) throw them up and stand back. Try them with and without the sashing. Play. Still loving the fabrics.

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