Sunday, April 09, 2006

Background play again.... :)

Decided to try to make my background more springy by changing the blocks from forestgreen and brown to pinks and purples... :)

Since I had already made the virtual quilt in EQ, it was simple to change the colors out, take another screenshot, save it as a jpg, and voila!

But I also wanted to try to fade it a bit, the brown/green one was too dark. While I had the new one in Corel, I also gave it a twist:

I think I'd title this one - "Quilt Denial: No, I don't need to wear my glasses to cut a straight line!"


Tropical Screamer said...

You gave me a good giggle. I just bought new glasses. I'm right between the old ones not being strong enough and the new ones changing enough that I keep taking them off.

So I bet my lines look like the one in your picture. LOL.


Linda_J said...

oh, you are making me dizzy, LOL. Love the colors!

The Calico Cat said...

cool, I am going to assume that that is just a trick & not an actual quilt.... But that would be a cool "real" quilt! Show stopper even!

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