Monday, April 03, 2006

A new background

I spent more time at the computer today, working on webpages, than quilting. Just finished a few 9-patches I had already cut out. But I DID get the new background to my blog up!

First I had to make all the blocks in EQ... then, since I didn't want to change the parchment colored center of the blog, I colored the virtual blocks in greens, beige, and browns. Then my first background, when I finally got it up, was (in my best Children's Librarian Goldilocks voice) TOOOOO BIG. But on the plus side, I now have a new background that can be used on one of MY web pages.

I squished the right and bottom borders on purpose, so that when tiled as a background, there wouldn't be a huge green seam. See?

My Tiled Quilt

So back on EQ, I made a new quilt layout that was 12 blocks tall and 8 blocks over, and re-set all my blocks... That's how I ended up with the one you see as a background now! What better way to waste a rainy, stormy Sunday evening? As a side note, this quilt you see in 'Tiled Quilt' is actually my biggest UFO of all. Someday, it'll be a king size summer quilt for my waterbed. I have more than half the blocks done. I had actually started hand quilting some of them... but too much is too much. Now I think I'll keep the hand quilted ones separate and make pillow shams or a huge body pillow kind of thing, and make some new blocks for the sampler.

Now back to the blog. *LOL*

Since I was also changing templates, I had to re-add all my favorite links. Speaking of which, do any of you know if there's a site somewhere that I can get that title on the sidebar to match what I have for 'Archives' and 'Posts' please? I don't really want to have to make my own. Although... teeny little quilt blocks... could be cute :D

Maybe someday.


Tropical Screamer said...

I like your new design. Very pretty. And a lot of work.

Oh, you asked if Tigger has a page. He does. It's:

We're redoing our web site so please excuse the mess. :)


Tropical Screamer said...

Did I mention that I love your logo? If I did, I'm admiring it again. It catches my eye every time I see it.


Linda_J said...

ForestJane. I knew there was a way to incorporate EQ into our webpages. The background template looks so so cool and professional!

You asked about my kitty divider--it is from graphic garden. Link is on my page BUT when I posted the link on my play blog to get a url for it, like the cats at the top of the page, it had a black background. I like the look at the top of the page but not at the middle. I played in Irfanview and am not at all sure how I managed but somehow, someway, it kind of matches the yellow background. It is resized slightly as well--I don't think I could replicate the process if I tried!

Of course, I tried loading the header pic via Hello as a jpeg and no black background. Go figure.

I think that side bar header script is embedded in the sytle sheet. H2 I think but from looking at your source code, I don't know if or where you can change it. What is listed doesn't look like what is actually up there as I see nothing about italics. That was a quick glance.

I play with my template all the time and know just a little bit or learn by trial and error. Preview and then save it looks right is my motto. What do I know when mine is supposed to Comic Sans MS and is anything BUT that, LOL?

Linda_J said...

Oops, sorry, they don't give us an edit button--when I posted the pic of the cat and yarn, it was black in the background.

Ribbonwiz said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and your comment.I'm not sure what size the quilt will be, but it will be a wallhanging.

I love the side borders of your blog, I've been trying to put pretty roses on mine , but I don't know how.

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