Monday, April 24, 2006

How does my Garden Grow?

It grows with yellow iris, lots of them this year, and each stalk seems to have at least three blooms on it.

It grows with deep purple iris - this one will open with three white petals in the center, and every year, I say it's my favorite color combination. Check back tomorrow and we'll see if it opened!

And finally, for any of you who visited my blog last week, the peonies have bloomed, at least the central bud of each has opened. I love the smell they have. :)


Finn said...

Me too...*VBS* ths smell of the bloomng peonies! I had iris at my home too, and I do miss them. So I'm really enjoying yours..thanks for sharing them, Finn

Laura said...

Such gorgeous pictures! Thank you for sharing.

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