Sunday, April 23, 2006

Lazy Sunday

We had a lazy Sunday, even Libby just lounged around. Spent most of today doing stuff around the house... put a roast in the slow cooker with some carrots, mushrooms, onions, and taters, and the whole house smelled superb, all afternoon. Finished a book due back at the library, watched two movies.

I even did some quilting, two more blocks. :)

Here's my medium blue star, with slightly lighter blue corner bits. I'm running out of the purple I'm using for the background, so am being REAL stingy with my fabric... lol I think I have enough for maybe two more blocks. Should I stop with what I have, 5? I did cut nine of that center solid purple square, and I have already cut the 16 purple corner squares I need for four more blocks, my problem is the 16 triangles each block needs.

And a sky blue one - in real life, these two blue fabrics have more teal tones in them, but the flash washed it out. If I make two more, (the amount of stars I think I have purple background fabric for) then what will I do with 7 stars? Make four of another sort of block, and put these stars in an X pattern, the other 4 different blocks in a + pattern? *thinking hard*

Any suggestions, anyone? Should I just go back to the store and see if there's any purple left?


Finn said...

Hi Jane, what a sweet picture of Libby..*VBS* Liking your stars..*S*

I guess the question is "how much do you like them?" If you really like them, I'd head back to the store and see about more purple or another color that would work. Sometimes they re-order if a bolt sells out really could ask about that. I think 7 would be hard to work with, not impossible but difficult. 9 would be great..but only you know for sure..*VBS*

Tropical Screamer said...

The stars are beautiful.

And I could almost smell the roast. :)


The Calico Cat said...

Cool blocks - how far along are you on the project? (only a few block left or 1/2 of them left?) If you have a lot left - like 1/2 or more, you could easily add another fabric (similar in value and appearance) in & make it more scrappy if ther isn't anymore available at the store.

Beautiful kitty! (No that is not Siamese fabric on my quilt, but I do have some Siamese cat fabric in my stash!)

Linda_J said...

These blocks are turning out beautifully!Libby looks quite comfortable and makes me want to lay down and join her.

Tonya R said...

I vote for making more blocks. Just throw in a new fabric. I love looking at antique quilts that have one or two blocks made with not just a new fabric but one in a completely different color.

Love the colors and the design.

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