Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Background Fabric

Well, I did get to the store after my guild meeting tonight and get one more yard of that background fabric. Now I can use it for not only finishing the nine blocks but for sashings and the first border - making my stars appear to float.

I also sewed THIS together, between the blocks I've been making, attempting Bonnie's leader-ender thing - I had a whole pile of pink, hot pink, and reddish strips, all different lengths. I do plan to put another blue strip on either end.

I'm wondering what to do with this fabric I've created out of the garbage. I have more of the strip chunks, more of the yellow and blue strips, so I can extend the piece. I COULD cut big 6 inch triangles out of it and make half-square pinwheels, adding a 6-inch triangle of darker fabric. I could cut squares out of it, 4 inch, maybe, and add two inch borders to the square, log cabin style, till I have a bunch of 6 and ½ inch square blocks.

Any suggestions? What would you do with it?


Ann said...

How about a big black(or very dark navy) silhouette.....of course, being you, of a cat? I know you are not into applique, but I think using this as a bg for a big cat would be neat! Branch out and do something different!

Linda_J said...

I like for big half square triangles. Pinwheels would be fine of course but make they might look good sashed with another color thrown into the mix.

Finn said...

I'd vote for pinwheels also, with 2 blades of the pieced and 2 blades of a solid..*VBS*

Glad you decided to go back and get some more of yout background..it really will be a beautiful quilt! *S*

Tonya R said...

I like it just as it is... That would be a marvelous wallhanging with the additional blue strips and then a border. Love the colors and the fabrics.

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