Sunday, April 09, 2006

Pressing the Blocks

Ahh, 52 nine patches done.

Well, ok, they're not done, they still need to be pressed and trimmed to an exact 6½ inches square.

*translating for Toby*

"What do you mean, get down? You said you hated ironing, so I'm pressing your blocks for you!"

I fuss at him and none too gently move him to the floor, go take a potty break, and LOOK what I find when I come back.

He doesn't even have the grace to put a "I'm such a guilty kitty" look on his face. I might as well have held my breath instead of fuss at him.

I'll keep an innie and an outie pair of each of these colors, and take the other 38 (19 pair) to the guild meeting to swap.


Laurie Ann said...

How cute! He's doing that pretending like he's sound asleep thing. Thinking you won't move him if he's napping! Dogs are never clever with the fake napping trick. They more likely pretend they are NOT napping so they don't miss anything!!

Finn said...

Hi Jane, the 9 patches are lookin' good...*VBS* I think it will be a fun swap and will be interested to see what you come up with.

Your siamese babies are beautiful...and totally rule the roost I suspect..*VBS*

Holly said...

Hey Jane, I like your new backgground! It does look springy. Your Toby takes good pictures. Looking forward to seeing what you do with your ninepatches when all is said and done.

Maureen said...

He's a meezer..........what else do you expect?(Thanks for introducing me to the word,I LOVE it!)
BTW my katzen kinder are Jesse,Possum and Cadbury.(Billie the kid,our tabby outlaw went to kitty heaven last July)

cher said...

nice nine patches! I hate the trimming down part. enjoyed the kitty photos...they do seem determined to be on top of things!

The Calico Cat said...

innie & outie - how cute! & My kitties are "big helpers" too! Espcially my boy!

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