Thursday, April 13, 2006


First, iris possibilities. This is the flowerbed between my front walkway and my front porch. The iris are coming up extra thick this year, I have deep violet ones, traditional lavender ones, and yellow ones, plus a couple of just plain 'different' ones. Buds are everywhere, and getting bigger every day!

And next, fabric possibilities.

When looking through my fabric stash, I was surprised to find out that what I seem to grab the most is tone-on-tone fabrics, and I was almost out of them. I picked up a range of light/medium color pairs today. They'll go in the ribbon wallhanging I posted earlier. (The yellows and oranges in the middle are nice and bright, but somehow, they washed out to beige)from either the flash or... something.

What I have left is a lot of medium floral FQ's, some brights on black, some pastels on white. I need to make a good pattern to use them in, or possibly something from Bonnie's site. There's a whole stack of patriotic prints, that I won at a guild drawing, and maybe I'll come up with something that uses Tonya's wonky letters in a border (Liberty! Justice!) and some of her asterisk fireworks... with stars and some piano key red and white stripes and... what else goes good in a patriotic quilt? Watermelon slices? Drums?


quiltpixie said...

love the tone on tone fabrics... you've got some beauties in there :-) Thanks for the heads up re the EQ challenges, I'll have to explore them as I'm sure they'd be a wonderful way of learning things about a program that I'm sure does much more than meets the eye..

Finn said...

Thanks for sharing the promise of iris, Jane..I do miss mine, having sold the house. And what great new will be fun to see what they become *VBS*

Ann said...

Wow, my iris haven't begun to put out stems, let alone buds yet! But I am starting to get color out there! Got you interested in the flowers, didn't I? hehe.... I'll try to remember to take some pictures of all my yard work tomorrow.

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