Thursday, March 23, 2006

Signs of Spring

Cloudy and cold today here in Memphis, but in the front flowerbed, the first signs of Spring.

I found a small patch of these bulbs out by the compost pile behind my childhood home, when I was about 10 or so... it was only serendipity that I happened to be walking around when they were in bloom.

I picked one, took it in to mom, and we both wondered where it had come from. We marked the clump, and waited till Fall, when we dug them up, separated them, and put them around the front of the house, under the windows, along the property line.

About twenty years later, I went back home, dug a couple of clumps up, and moved some of them to MY new house. Now they're all over the place - there's a particularly dense patch of them around the mailbox that needs to be separated again. The mailbox ones aren't blooming yet, but there's lots of buds!

I also brought some branches of forsythia from that house, and now there's a small bush growing in my backyard. We called them 'yellow bells' growing up, and I love seeing the blooms.

Now I can hardly wait till all my iris and daylilies are blooming. If I were into applique, I'd make a flower quilt, with a block for each of the flowers in my yard.

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