Sunday, March 26, 2006

What's next?

Trying to decide on my next quilted project.

Of course, I'm totally ignoring my big king size sampler ufo... and my Christmas wallhanging ufo. And the camo baby quilt ufo, which may never get finished.

I'd started it for a friend who was told she was having a boy (the ultrasound tech thought she saw a 'dangle') but two months later, they decided it was a girl after all. So now I have three stack and whack blocks made from camo print, and a big chunky army truck in camo print, and drawings for a tank and 'copter. The title was going to be something like 'Too tuff for a girly quilt' since her hubby is in the Army and was insistent that the nursery not be done in pastels. :) Now he's totally google-eyed with his red-haired little daughter, who got a yellow and blue windmill quilt from me instead.

But I digress.

I'm always playing and designing in EQ, and have 3 I'd like to do as small throws or wallhangings. Here's the first:
This one and the next were done as one of their monthly virtual challenges. I might try it as a mini quilt, maybe paper piecing the V shaped blocks?
I left the sashing out of the second version, and colored it from the inside out. Doesn't look like the same design, does it? Maybe if I do it as a set of two companion mini wall hangings.

And here's the last design - I'm not sure how to figure out the sewing on this one.
I'd strip piece the long wedgies, rotating them and putting 4 together to make the diamond shape, but... not sure about all those teeny little slivers of fabric in the center - would I have to combine them into one fabric and have a solid center? that's an awful lot of seams coming together.

I'm not positive about the colors either - this one reminds me of a carnival ferris wheel. But what about all in shades of blue? I'm not going to buy any fabric though. I promised myself... and I'm getting low on blue, so as much as I prefer blue, I ought to deviate from my normal picks.

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Linda_J said...

This is not a real quilt yet? Wow, using real fabric in EQ makes it look so quilt like then.

I have had EQ for years but don't always color with the fabric swatches when I play. Could but don't.

The tops are going to be lovely if you can actually replicate that in cloth.

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