Thursday, May 18, 2006


Funny story today at work. :)

I'm making 32 half square triangles that will finish at one inch, for a feathered star type block I'm making for my patriotic quilt.

I love the look of the feathered star block, but doubt I'd have the patience to make a whole quilt of nothing but feathered stars. One block ought to be doable though! I drew up the block in EQ, then made my own hst paper the exact size I needed, using Corel, 16 little blocks per page, and printed it up. No little arrows or directions needed, I just stitch on the dotted and cut on the solid lines.

Last night I stitched my blue and white fabric to it, then took it to work this morning. Cutting the grid into triangles, trimming the dog ears, and ripping the paper off is a GREAT project to do during my 15 minute breaks, or at lunch. Portable, (everything fits into a ziplock baggie) not messy, and you get a lot done in 15 minutes.

One of the library customers saw the uncut grid on my desk, with fabric attached, and asked what I was making. I showed her the two pieces of fabric sewn to the back, and explained that I was doing a quilt block... I was told MOST emphatically that "It won't work that way, honey. That's not the way you make a quilt!"

She'd thought I planned to use the fabric, with the stitching lines on it just like that, uncut. :) Looking at the grid above, it DOES kind of look like a quilt block, doesn't it?

I folded back a corner and tried to show her how it'd work, but I don't think she 'got' it. She remembers hand piecing from when she was a little girl, but hasn't made a coverlet (as she called them) in more than 50 years. We didn't have much chance to talk, I found the book she wanted, and she left with her ride ... but now I'm thinking of all the things I wish I'd asked her. Wonder if she still has the coverlet she made?


Dawn said...

What a cute story about your "quilt"! I got tired of buying triangle paper and just bought the new cd that has the patterns of the HST's in 1/8" increments and all you do is print off what you want! I love it! What a simple idea - why didn't someone think of it years ago!

Jeanne said...

When she comes again, strike up the conversation where it left off! Maybe she'll share a treasure :)
Ha - the UPS guy is just always patient while I round up my raging wolfpack who seem to think that brown trucks threaten national security and world peace.

Patti said...

What a great story!

Judy said...

I have used the triangle paper before but I hate tearing it off later so I started using a method by Nancy Mahoney.

You take 2 rectangles and place them on top of each other BOTH right side UP! Then you use the ruler to cut bias strips at whatever size you HST's are to be... 2" hst's, then cut 2" strips on the 45 degree angle. Sew them back, alternating colors, and cut strips, then squares...keeping the lik eon the hst's center line, and you have HST's. Because you press them and all before you cut, they don't get stretched, It's a perfect way of making tons quickly. With no paper to rip off.

It's fun that there are so many different ways to accomplish things isn't it? I'll take some more kitty pics this weekend!!

Finn said...

That a great idea for making those small HST's are such a clever one!!

Love the library story..I'll bet you see that lady again. Puts me in mind of the Elm Creek series with Sylvia Compton as the Master Quilter. I wonder if you lady has other quilts at her house?
Might just be the first clue in a mystery...*VBS*

Lily said...

You guys are scaring me! LOL we haven't got up to HSTs or QSTs in our course yet. I think my brain's going to have trouble coping.

Thank goodness I have you to ask!

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