Saturday, May 13, 2006

Liberty Letters

Here ya go, Tonya! Liberty and Just(ice)and maybe (for all) added later. :) I know my checkerboard red and white fabric on navy blue won't look anything like your usual fabric choices, but the spirit of the letters is still there!

I'd been wanting to try these letters for a while, and I was the lucky winner of a whole bunch of patriotic prints, half yards, at a guild event two years ago. Sooo, I'm putting them together in a patriotic ... either quilt or wall hanging.

Not sure if there will be other words on the quilt, but definitely some stars and fireworks and watermelon and whatever else red/white/and blue I can think of. Some of the fabric has fairly large motifs, that might look good in the kind of friendship stars that Finn's doing right now.

What else can you think of that would fit the theme? Suggestions welcome!


Tonya R said...

I LOVE these letters. They are perfect - perfectly imperfect that is. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that D. Don't change a thing.

Are you worrying about the differences in sizes on these? Or do you have some monstrously large or small letters stashed somewhere else? These look pretty darn even to me. I deliberately do mine to have different sizes, so not one to ask about making them the same.

My "trick" is to always use an extra thick strip somewhere on the letter (bottom of the E, S etc) that I can easily whack any extra off of. That doesn't work so well with some of the letters tho.

I appreciate that you are using different fabrics than I would. I want everybody to consider using these letters, not just people who like bright, obnoxious colors like mine, so the more examples of different color choices etc, the better.

Ann said...

Looking good, Jane! You just did these so you could beat me to using the letters, didn't you? hehe. But I am sticking to my guns and not starting anything til I at least get a couple of completions under my belt!

Tropical Screamer said...

I can hardly wait to see the rest of your quilt.


Lily said...

So where is the 'ice' going? Lucky you getting your hands on that patriotic material. Good luck with your 'whatever'!

This will be a most interesting project to follow. Good luck!

joyce said...

What I love about these wonky letters is that everyone's are as different as their handwriting. That makes it so personal and unique. Yours look just great. I am anxious to see what else you put on your quilt!

Darcie said...

Very cool, ForestJane...even without the *ice!* What a fun way to use some fun fabric. Your guild is going to want classes!!!

cher said...

how great these letters are! looking forward to seeing more of this project.

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