Sunday, December 24, 2006

Blog Changes

There, made two changes to my blog. :)

The top one's easy to spot - a Winter themed header. I made the snowflakes at "Snowdays" which is a really neat snowflake generator I found a couple of years ago on a quilting site, of all places... lol Try it yourself, it's fun!


I'm ashamed to admit how many I've made. I showed the kids at the library where I work how to do it, so some of them are demos... and some of them I did on a couple of boring evenings on the computer! You can search by my screen name, ForestJane, if you want to see some of the patterns I've done.

The second blog change is a little more difficult to find... I changed the stash picture to be an actual picture of some of my own FQ stash, the pink-to-purple drawer. I also have the shades of blue drawer, and shades of green, and big prints, and florals... but the sidebar only let me have a picture 100 x 100 pixels big! Maybe seeing my own fabrics there will be more incentive this next year to use some of them!


And here's some little gift bags that I made for the folks at work. Instead of drawing names and getting one person a big gift, we celebrate the spirit of giving, and get everyone one small stocking stuffer gift costing $1 to $2. Then we hang big fleecy stockings, and fill them up. There's no pressure, no whining, and no re-gifting! So I got everyone a little scented candle in a red glass holder, in Holiday Berry and Apple Pie scents, then put them in the little drawstring bags I made and personalized with everyone's name in gold metallic thread. After Christmas, they'll make great camera or cell phone protectors.

I've also finished binding and put the label on a quilt that's being given tomorrow, but more pix of that after the giving!

Happy Holidays, everyone!


DubiQuilts - Debbi said...

Great new banner. I like the larger font it is easy to read for my poor eyes. Are you keeping it this size?

Merry Christmas!

Hanne said...

The large stockings are a good idea and your stocking stuffers were good. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Helen in the UK said...

I like your changes - the snowflake header is very effective. Like the gift exchange idea too. Merry xmas to you :)

Darcie...Quilting By Darcie said...

Your banner is adorable!

We do something similar on my side of the family for the fashion of a game. Quite fun...and really that's what Christmas is: Sharing and just being in the presence of loved ones. Right?!

Shelina said...

Jane, That snowflake site is just too addictive. I'm glad you found good use of it to make a pretty banner. Your stash is pretty. Those little gift bags are so cute, and such a great idea.

Finn said...

More clever stuff, Jane. I think you could do a book of all your good ideas for getting things made!!!
Love the Christmas quilts, what a great combination of blocks! And the one for the grand niece is just perfect for a young teen..*VBS* I wouldn't have thought you could change that pic, but your fabric looks great in there! Hugs, Finn

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