Tuesday, May 12, 2009

May Garden Update

Meet my new crookneck squash pool! I picked the yellow to match the squash. I'm sure my neighbors thought I was nuts to be out there hammering drainage holes in a brand new wading pool, but it's perfect for a container garden, lots cheaper than buying the lumber and making one.

Besides transplanting the two squash hills I'd already started, I also poked some finger holes in the dirt (near the bottom of the picture) and started 4 more new seeds. In June, if there's room, I'll start 4 more. Hopefully that'll stagger the ripening squash times so I won't be overwhelmed. But I can eat a LOT of squash, that and tomatoes are my favorite veggies.

I've also been inspired by Deborah Smith to start a sweet banana pepper plant. I'm not sure how much one banana pepper plant produces, perhaps I'll pickle my peppers if there's plenty. *grins*

But seriously, I do love the pickled banana peppers you can get on the sandwiches at Subway, so now maybe I can have some of my own. They're supposed to be very mild, I'm not a hot pepper type gal.

Here's my tomatoes and snow peas - Now that the peonies have bloomed, I took the rack and moved it to the snow peas, so they can climb. I couldn't figure out any way to get the trellis to stand up unless I moved them to the dirt and jabbed the ends in, so I put down plastic and maybe that will keep the grass from growing up around the peas.

Finally, the tomato plants ALL have little green tomatoes. The Early Girl has the largest ones (above) with about 5 tiny ones on the cherry tomato plant behind it. The two below are on the Better Boy plant.

How does YOUR garden grow? Does anyone know what kind of yeild to expect from one banana pepper plant? Any good recipes for them if I'm overwhelmed?

And I just had a horrible thought - do I have to have TWO pepper plants at least, for them to pollinate? Or, like the tomatoes, do they pollinate themselves?


Carol said...

What a great idea! I'm off to Walmart to get a pool.

YankeeQuilter said...

I wonder if I could use the pool for pumpkins? There is a great garden layout on the Country Home website that grows things to decorate your house with in the fall but I don't have the time nor energy to dig up that much garden right now...a pool however...that may work for my white pumpkins!

Gail said...

Hi! I use pools as a temporary holding bed! They are perfect to hold plants that I get during the hotter months then I plant them in the fall.
I noticed that their price has doubled in a few years...but they are still cheap! gail

City Diggity said...

Wow, your tomatoes are already on the vine and I haven't even set mine out yet! I can't wait till I have little ones of my own. Happy blogging!

engg said...

Great idea. Nice looking tomatoes. Thanks for publish such good articles.

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