Thursday, May 07, 2009

A Package!

Absolutely love coming home to packages on the front porch, don't you? Especially unexpected ones. I'd ordered some books and cd's from Amazon, and thought that's what the package was, but no - it was a gift! Yay! The box was from BelleBooks, the publisher I recently started proofreading for.

Have any of you read the Mossy Creek books? I've read the first one, Mossy Creek, and the second one in the series, Reunion at Mossy Creek, but not any of the others.

A quote from the first book: Mossy Creek is "...the town that ain't going nowhere, and don't want to. You could count on Mossy Creek to stay put, to always be the hometown you remembered, the place you would never forget and never wanted to. We might make only a pinpoint on the maps of the world, but that pinpoint was a jewel."

I've got the whole series to date, and I can't wait to get started on them. I'll post a complete review when I finish, but if they're all as good as the first two, I'll like them. The stories in each book are by different authors, and typically, one author will write for the mayor, another for the police chief, etc. I don't know how multiple authors get the details tied together, but they do!

Inadvertently, BelleBooks also sent a gift to Toby and Libby. Every box has to be inspected AND tried on for size. Toby fit nicely. Libby's butt was slightly too big for comfort, but would she get out so Toby could take another turn? Noooo, not as long as Toby wanted it. :)


tami said...

My cats love the empty box when a package comes to my house too. They take turns and sometimes both try and squeeze in at once. I posted a picture on my blog
Pets are so funny.

Hanne said...

I really enjoyed the cat-in-a-box photo :-)

KC Quilter said...

Cats--they're all alike!!! My two would so have been in that box! Gotta love 'em. Their antics are so entertaining.

julieQ said...

I love the anticipation of a good book. I am hooked on the Twilight series, almost done...weird, but OK, and addiciting! Love those baby kitties!

Jeanie said...

Jane, did you know that guild member Debra Dixon is one of the authors? You can see her web site at

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