Friday, May 22, 2009

Snow Pea update

My snowpeas have their first bloom. :) You can see one cherry tomato on the bush behind it, if you look close.

My banana pepper plant is producing more leaves. getting bushier and greening out, but nothing exciting:

The squash didn't like the transplant to the pool. Think I must have broken some roots? Some of the leaves turned yellow, but now they are finally producing more green leaves, so I didn't kill all of them off. If you look at this pic, then scroll down to see the first squash-pool pic, there's not much difference in the size.

But you can see the double leaves of the 4 new squash I planted when I transplanted the older ones to the pool, right there in the middle. They look nice and healthy, at least! End of this coming week, first of June, I'll plant 4 more, I think.

1 comment:

Ann said...

Some plants' leaves turn yellow when they get to much water...this is my first year growing squash, so not sure if that's your problem or not. The peppers won't start producing til it gets hot. At least that's what I seem to remember.

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