Sunday, May 17, 2009

Tomatoes and Quilt Blocks

How 'bout another tomato picture to start off with? These are my Early Girl tomatoes, getting visibly bigger every time I go out and water.

I've been working on some quilting web pages and the blocks that go with them. My guild has everyone make a block for the guild president, as a thank you for her year of work. She gets to choose the block style, size, and colors. This year's pres. selected a house block, 9½ inches square, any pattern house.

The guild has a huge mix of ability levels, from beginners to national award winners. I drew the simplest house block I could in EQ, then I'm telling people they can embellish or make it more complex if they feel inclined. Here's mine:

For interested folks, here's the web page for the easy house block:

For those of you independent quilters and blog readers who've been joining the guild's row of the month quilt for this year, there won't be a new row for June. Instead, you have the whole month to catch up! Check out our guild bulletin board if you want to see some of the rows people have done. ;)

Finally, here is the progress on the ForestJane name block I'm making using Tonya's free pieced letter making techniques. Eventually, I plan to take a pic and use it for a blog header, like Tonya did for her "Incredible" header.

Much of it is still not sewn together. The crossbar of the J isn't attached, so it will be skinnier. There's nothing sewn to the right or left of the big S, so it'll also be thinner. Only thing I'm not sure about is the space in front of the J - that flowered green fabric could be swapped for a more solid green, then maybe applique a flower (red? yellow?) or possibly a light green leaf and curly vine there? Or will that make it too busy? Does it need a spot of color? Opinions?


KC Quilter said...

Wow, those tomatoes are absolutely amazing!!! Here in Missouri we just got our plants in the ground about a week ago! Love your pieced letters and the idea of using them in your blog header.

Ann said...

Tomatoes are looking good. I don't have any blooms on my tomatoes yet, but I do have a cucumber as big as my thumb! And a few smaller ones.
As for the letters...I vote to leave it like it is. I like the green floral in front of the J and don't think it needs any color there. If you want to add color, do a colored border.

Michele's Quilting Journey said...

Personally, I just love the touch of whimsey of that flowered green by the J. It's like a little patch of meadow flowers peering up through the sunlit stream in your forest of green. So, if you haven't already swapped it out, I vote 'leave it!!!' Fabulous job on those letters. I love the detailed variations.

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